Special Blink Qt Edition for SIP2SIP

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 11 years ago

This version of Blink Qt for Microsoft Windows is integrated with SIP2SIP and features ultra-wideband OPUS codec and acoustic echo cancelation.

SIP Client Features

  • SIP2SIP account
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Ultra-wideband audio (OPUS codec 48kHz)
  • Wideband audio (G.722 and Speex codecs)
  • PSTN audio (G711, GSM and iLBC codecs)
  • Multiparty Conferencing
  • Google contacts integration
  • DTMF, Hold, and Recording
  • sRTP encryption
  • Contacts Management (XCAP protocol)
  • SIMPLE Presence (RLS Subscriptions)

SIP Service Features

  • TLS encryption
  • Contacts sync between multiple devices
  • Presence sync across multiple devices
  • Access to SIP server account settings web page
  • PSTN termination (paid option)
  • Interoperability with Jingle domains (jit.si)

To download go to:



Added by Graham Francis almost 11 years ago

Hi Adrian

This is a great client and we'd love to tell people about it and show people how it all works ... One thing, although we can see SIP information in the logs, nothing shows in Wireshark - even after disabling sRTP

Can you offer some advice on this?

Many thanks

The SIP School

Added by sean farrell over 10 years ago

I'm really happy with the sip2sip and I hope one day there's a paid windows version so I can further support the project.