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Adrian Georgescu, 12/03/2012 03:48 pm

Software Repositories

These repositories contain software packages developed or maintained by AG Projects and available in the public domain.

Software repositories

Current Debian Packages


Change Logs


MSP and SIP Thor Platform

Multimedia Service Platform is a turnkey real-time communications solution for delivery of Voice, Video, Instant Messaging (IM), File Transfer and Presence services based on SIP protocol.

Usage Guides

These guides are available to customers who purchased and installed the platform at their location as well as users of SIP2SIP service operated by AG Projects.

Usage guides

SIP2SIP service

SIP2SIP provides free server support for SIP signaling, RTP media (Audio and Video), NAT Traversal (including ICE), MSRP media (IM and File Transfers), Presence and XCAP (SIMPLE) and Multiparty Conferencing with wideband Audio, IM, File Transfers and Screen Sharing.

Support page


SIP SIMPLE client SDK is a Software Development Kit for easy development of SIP multimedia end-points with features beyond VoIP like Session based Instant Messaging, File Transfers, Desktop Sharing and Presence. Other media types can be easily added by using an extensible high-level API.

Developer Guide

Blink Cocoa

Blink is the best SIP client for Mac. You can use it with any SIP provider or its own fully-featured SIP service.

Help for Blink Cocoa